Original GeoRipper® 616 Trencher

Finally you can dig where you need to with the precision of a scalpel verses sledgehammer!

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  • Handheld minitrencher with a starting weight of 32 lbs
  • Uses a 2-stroke belt driven Makita engine® (EK6101)
  • Spring-loaded vibration control system
  • Includes two self-sharpening heavy-duty chipper chains

The GeoRipper® 616, Makita® engine model EK6101 (Series 6) with maximum 16" digging depth (16) is engineered for industrial performance. The GeoRipper® 616 is powered by a 61cc engine with a full 4.4 HP for everyday narrow trenching applications. It’s engineered to start easier and vibrate less. The compact and efficient GeoRipper® 616 is an ideal digging solution for irrigation, root barrier, landscape lighting, and other pipe and wire installations.



  • Increased productivity over hand-digging
  • Decreased injury over hand-digging
  • Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 3" below grade
  • Remove rocks up to 4” in most soils
  • Cyclonic air Intake delivers more air increases air filter life
  • Start capacitor w/ start support resulting in less pull start force
  • Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) recovers 75% of unburned fuel
  • Lower noise at 97 dB(A) and smoother idle for continuous operation



  • Makita-powered EK6101 TwoStroke Engine
  • 16" Digging Bar with Nose Bar End Assembly and Nose Sprocket
  • 16” Deep x 1-1/2” wide Digging Chains (2-Pack)
  • Additional Drive Belt, Nose Bearing and Bar End Assembly Screws
  • Stock Makita® Engine Tool Kit in Orange Pouch
  • Chain Connector Link to repair chain in the field
  • Full-size 18mm Combination Wrench
  • Stock Makita AND GeoRipper® Owner’s Manuals


GeoRipper on Tool Bench GeoRipper on Tool Bench

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