SiBore™ SB215 Micro Boring


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  • Includes a Honda® GX 35 4-stroke engine with 1.6 hp
  • Transmission is enclosed, grease-lubricated with spur gear reduction
  • Bores 1″ X 24′
  • Package includes weather-resistant, tough, nylon accessory case; (6) 36″ long boring rods; (1) swivel cable puller; and (2) boring heads

SiBore™ Drills are fast and lightweight sideway boring augers ideal for landscapers, sprinkler system installers, plumbers, electrical contractors, trenchers, and tool rental companies. The SiBore™ Drill is compact enough to be thrown in the trunk on the way to the job site. Powered by a Honda multi-position, 4-stroke engine. Boring 1″ X 24′ holes in less than five minutes.

The SiBore™ Drill uses a waterless-boring method so there's no mud to deal with and little clean up. Your perfect “go to” portable, trenchless digging solution. Pair with GeoRipper® handheld trencher for fastest, safest production.

Jack Baggs

The horizontal drill performed exactly as intended….Utilizing this equipment saved much labor.  In addition, the health of the landscaping adjacent to the foundation of my house was preserved…

Michael Wagstaff

I bought one, and I love