SiBore™ 431e / GeoRipper® Combo Pack


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GeoRipper Digging Depth: 16" digging depth
  • Makita® 40V MAX XGT battery powered motor
  • Transmission is enclosed, grease-lubricated with spur gear reduction
  • Includes (1) MS-10 motor stand, (6) 36″ long boring rods, (1) swivel cable puller, (2) boring heads, (2) augers, (3) 32" extensions, and (1) SiBore Drill, (1) GeoRipper e/B adapter, (1) 16" or 20" digging bar and (1) 2-pack of chains

Whether you need to trench through the outback or dig under any hard surface. Now with the Makita® 40V MAX XGT battery-powered motor, you can have a GeoRipper® e/B AND SiBore™ Drill horizontal auger and micro bore with one powerhead.

The SiBore™ Drill uses a waterless-boring method so there's no mud to deal with and little clean up. This package not only includes the SiBore™ SB431e, which is the best of both our SB216e and SB215e microBore models, but also the GeoRipper® e/B. Three tools with one motor. This kit includes all the accessories of the 1" microBore model and the 2" and 4" augers plus extensions of our traditional model plus the minitrencher so you can trench up to 16" or 20" deep and 2" wide depending on the model. 

The SiBore™/GeoRipper® combo pack is so compact it will fit in the trunk of your car! This trencher and microBore auger can power through the toughest clay soils whether you are digging a trench or going under that sidewalk or patio. This combo pack is efficient and lightweight perfect for landscapers, sprinkler system installers, plumbers, electricians, fiber optic and cable installers, and tool rental companies.

Jack Baggs

The horizontal drill performed exactly as intended….Utilizing this equipment saved much labor.  In addition, the health of the landscaping adjacent to the foundation of my house was preserved…

Michael Wagstaff

I bought one, and I love